The "Crisis In Melee"

An article put out by Rapaport this week states that melee suppliers are currently dealing with an alarming crisis. Although melee supply continues to be high, demand has declined. According to Rappaport, that is due to three factors: Indian manufacturers' difficulty with obtaining funding, undisclosed synthetics within 'natural melee' supplies, and the fact that traders are allowed to order by millimeter instead of by carat.

The article states, " Some retailers are shying away from natural melee because of the threat of undisclosed synthetics. In addition, there is a small but growing preference to use better-quality lab-grown melee rather than lower-quality natural stones that cost the same."

It is important to understand why our diamonds are not susceptible to some of the issues that certain manufacturers face. With the help of the M-Screen, we ensure that all of our stones are natural polished stones. We believe the cut is the most important C of the 4C's and that is why all of our stones, including those that are 1.00 mm are proven to be AGS 0 with Hearts and Arrows in all our color and clarities from VVS to I1. A true rarity within the world of melee. 

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Actual 1.40mm AGS 000 with Perfect Hearts and Arrows.

Actual 1.40mm AGS 000 with Perfect Hearts and Arrows.

For information on our guaranteed 100% natural diamonds, watch this informative video on the M-Screen.

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